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Friday 12th Feb


Duration: 15 minutes


‘ch’ making a ‘k’ sound

These words all contain the letters ‘ch’ making a ‘k’ sound.  There are not many words like this.  They do not follow simple rules and just need to be learned. Please practise these at home. 


Duration: One hour


This week, you have been looking at 'Cracking Contraptions' in literacy. 

Today, we would like you to create your own 'Cracking Contraption'. You will need to draw, colour and label the machine.


You will also need to create a flow diagram showing how it works. 


Be as creative as you want! 


Duration: 20 minutes

To understand a text as I read. 

Why is important that we understand what we read? What should we do if we do not understand?


Read the first three stages of the text Draw a diagram for each paragraph to show that you have understood what you have read. Make sure you label it too.


Duration: 15 minutes




Twisted together untidily.

Matted or knotted. 

She tried to run her fingers through her tangled hair and yelped. 


I can't see where the end of this wire is because they are all jumbled up in a tangled mess. 


I became tangled up in the sheets as I was trying to sort the laundry. 


The ropes have been tangled up for so long at the bottom of the boat that I can't even be bothered to try to sort them out. 


My hair got tangled up with the branches as I walked through the forest. 


Now try writing your own examples. 


Duration: One hour



These are slightly harder than Monday's examples. Work for fifteen minutes only and then mark what you have done. 


Learning Objective: To create own pictogram based on data you have collected. 


This week, you have been learning about pictograms. Today, we would like you to gather your own data and create your own pictogram. For example, you might have some toy dinosaurs at home. Count how many of each kind you have and create a pictogram to represent this. Perhaps you would prefer to use a packet of sweets or a bowl of fruit and count the different colours or types and create a pictogram of that. Or perhaps you would like to go outside and count how many bikes, scooters and pedestrians you see in the park. It really doesn't matter. 


Duration: One hour


Learning Objective: To know there are dangers associated with water, but understand there are ways to stay safe. 

Kids' Water Safety Video

STAnley's Water Safety Code of Advice for children


Divide your page into two. On one side, write the heading 'SAFE'. On the other side, write the heading 'UNSAFE'. Copy the pictures under the correct heading. 


Challenge: Can you add some more pictures of your own under each heading? 


Duration: 20 minutes


How would you describe yourself to someone who has never met you? 


Think about your physical appearance - how would you describe that? 

Think about your personality - how would you describe that? 


Speak to one of your friends and ask them to describe you. Does their description match yours? Does yours match theirs? 


Do your friends see you differently to how you view yourself? Why do you think this is? 


Duration: 10 minutes