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Sadly we were unable to finish the end of our class text 'Strangeworlds Travel Agency'. I am currently finding out if I can read you the last two chapters so we can find out exactly what happens!


Because you have enjoyed the book so much I thought we can use what we have read to inspire us to create our own world. Find your reading challenge below!





Create a world: At The Strangeworlds Travel Agency, each suitcase transports you to a new magical world! Can you create your very own world? You have the task of imagining that a magical world exists inside a suitcase! All you have to do is step inside! Have a think about what you will see in the world you visit. What landmarks are there? What is the climate? Do people live there? Is it a world we visited whilst reading?


Fill the first grid with lots of fantastic vocabulary to describe your world.

Then design your very own suitcase!