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LO: To recognise what plants need to grow well. 


Starter : 

Let's start today's Science session by thinking about the following questions. See if you can talk for at least 3 whole minutes, giving your answer. 


'Why are plants important?' 


Click here to watch the BBC video, which will help you to answer this question. 



This lesson can last over two days. 



We learnt before- what are the seven features of a living thing?  The 7 life process are movement, respiration, growth, reproduction,excretion, nutrition and sensitivity. Plants do all 7 of these things.

Plants need certain conditions to help them grow well.

Have you ever looked after a plant?
What did you have to provide it with to help it to grow? What do you think plants need?

What will happen if you took away one of the things a plant needs to grow? Will it grow if locked in a dark cupboard? Will it grow without water?


Plan an experiment where you can test out your ideas. Could you plant seeds in different areas? Over the next two days you will be planning your investigation.

Day 1: Write down your investigative questions.

Day 2: Write up your investigation including, a prediction, fair test, what you will measure etc. If you cannot carry this investigation out at home don’t worry- bring your ideas back to school with you next week and we will do it together.