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Tuesday 23rd February

Daily Video

Tuesday 23rd February daily video


Literacy - 45 minutes
Guided Reading - 20 minutes

Maths - Starter - 15 minutes

(as part of the zoom live session)

Maths - Main - 45 minutes 

(as part of the zoom live session)

Mrs Wordsmith - 15 minutes
Spellings - 15 minutes
Class Story - 15 minutes
Science - 45 minutes
PSHE - 30 minutes

Please also remember to complete your reading for 20 minutes a day. Once you have finished your reading book, complete an AR test using the useful links page (tree icon).

Also, please complete 10 minutes of consolidating your times tables and division facts by using TTRockstars. The link for this is also on the useful link page (tree icon).


L.O. To write speech in the form of a playscript.

Play script speech

Guided Reading

L.O. I can summarise a text.

Read back through the text from yesterday. In five sentences, I would like you to summarise the key events of the script. 

Guided Reading Text

Maths - Starter

L.O. I am learning to order decimal numbers.

This will be taught as part of your zoom live session today. Make sure you have something to write with and paper to write on.

Maths - Main

L.O. I am learning to add and subtract fractions.

This will also be taught as part of your zoom live session today. Please make sure you have something to write with and paper to write on, should you need to.

After the session, have a go at some of the questions on the sheets below. I do not expect you to complete all of the questions, 8 - 10 questions is plenty.

The cool sheet provide you with pictures of the fractions to add and subtract.

The medium sheet provides you with fractions with the same denominator.

The spicy sheet provides you with fractions with different denominators.

The answers are also on the sheet, try not to peek at them until you have worked out your answers!

Mrs Wordsmith


We have changed the spelling test day to a Tuesday. These are the spellings we gave you last week and you practised yesterday. Ask someone in your household to read the words out to you one at a time, then write the words down. The mark the spellings afterwards. We would love to know what your score is. Good luck!

Group One 

advice, device, practice, licence, prophecy, advise, devise, practise, license, prophesy, ascent, assent, cereal, serial

Group Two

appliance, reliance, compliance, defiance, variance, assurance, endurance, insurance, appearance, clearance, forbearance, hesitance, dominance, tolerance

Group Three

load, oak, boat, coat, foam, goat, loaf, toast, float, coach

Class Story


L.O. To produce a piece of writing about an animal.

In the last lesson, you researched about an animal of your choice. Today you will be turning the notes and information into a non-chronological report. Remember to use the same key features we used when we wrote a non-chronological report on Ancient Egyptian homes and houses: Title, sub-headings, layout, paragraphs, pictures.

You will be able to apply your GPS skills in your non-chronological report too:  parenthesis, modal verbs, relative clauses, expanded noun phrases, de:de sentences.

We look forward to you sending these into the class email address:


L.O. I am identifying the risks at known places to me and how to keep safe in them.

Look at the pictures in the attached document below - these are known places to you. Complete the table by listing the risks that you can think of that they may give, then write down how to keep safe within them. You do not have to print this document out, you can write the information down on separate paper.