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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Picture 1 Miss Froggatt: Head Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs Stevens:Depty Head,EYFS/KS1 Leader Pine class
Picture 3 Mr Lenton: Curriculum Leader, Yr R/1 and Yr3
Picture 4 Miss Denton: Yr R/1 Elm Class
Picture 5 Mrs Johnson: Yr R/1 Beech Class
Picture 6 Miss Pritchard: Yr2 Beech Class
Picture 7 Mrs Biggs: YR3 Teacher Willow Class
Picture 8 Mrs Revell:SENDCo/Yr4 Teacher Ash Class/Maths lead
Picture 9 Miss Bridges: Yr 4 Teacher Ash Class/KS2 lead
Picture 10 Mrs Causer: Yr5 Teacher Fir Class
Picture 11 Miss Miller: Yr 5 Teacher Fir Class
Picture 12 Mr Tull: Head of P.E Yr6 teacher Oak Class
Picture 13 Mrs Attrill: Teaching Assistant
Picture 14 Miss Sansom: Teaching Assistant
Picture 15 Mrs Goude: Teaching Assistant
Picture 16 Mrs Poulter-Kyne: Teaching Assistant
Picture 17 Mrs Fitzgibbon: Teaching Assistant
Picture 18 Mrs Grannell: Teaching Assistant
Picture 19 Miss Eyles: Teaching Assistant
Picture 20 Mrs Fogarty:Teaching Assistant
Picture 21 Mrs Bembridge: Teacher YR R/1 Cherry Class
Picture 22 Mrs Wayman: Teaching Assistant
Picture 23 Miss Briggs: Teaching Assistant
Picture 24 Miss Fogarty: Teaching Assistant
Picture 25 Mrs Gibson: Teaching Assistant
Picture 26 Mrs Stone: Teaching Assistant
Picture 27 Mrs Arlott: Preschool Manager
Picture 28 Mrs Tuck: Preschool Assistant Manager
Picture 29 Miss Arlott: Preschool Practitioner
Picture 30 Mrs Loynes: Office Manager/Head's PA
Picture 31 Mrs Ramshall-Smith: Heads P/A
Picture 32 Mrs Thistlethwaite: Finance/Property Manager
Picture 33 Mrs Burton: Family worker/TA
Picture 34 Ms Boardman: Caretaker/Lunchtime Supevisor
Picture 35 Mrs Newman: Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 36 Mrs Hogger: Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 37 Miss Sheepwash: Lunchtime Supervisor and Cover TA
Picture 38 Miss Newton: Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 39 Mrs Price: Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 40 Mr Robinson: Site Maintenance and Gardener
Picture 41 Miss Boon: Cook
Picture 42 Ms Mansfield: Catering Assistant
Picture 43 Mrs Grieves: Catering Assistant