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2nd April 2020

Hello everyone! I hope you have had a lovely week and are staying safe. Of course, we are heading towards the Easter holidays now, and so this will be my final post for the next couple of weeks.


I've been receiving some fantastic work from you via email. Please continue to keep sending it in- I love looking at it! It would also be great to just hear from you in general too, so please do send an email to


As you all know, there was a dragon spotted in Manea. 

Thankfully many people were able to see it, the newspapers have been awash with articles and even a hero of legend has appeared to go slaying!


This week


- The age of the dragon is coming to an end. Some of you have been working ahead of schedule, which is great. I would like you to complete the final pieces of writing from your dragon task sheet. Send them over to me and I am happy to offer advice if you would like it! Don't forget your sentence types, and use all the features! Head over to  to find high quality examples of the different text types- there is even an example of of a dragon sighting newspaper report!


- For maths this week, please can you complete reasoning papers 2 and 3. Take your time, there is no rush! Answers can be found

Also, have a go at the 3d shape activity on your maths sheet- let's see how good your drawings are!


- We are now at the end of the Mayan topic. To finish off, I'd like you to create a travel brochure for someone who is visiting the Mayans. Where should they go? What should they see? Don't forget images!


- This week can you please do the Reading SATs paper. I don't want you to complete it all in one go, but in little parts each day. Take your time, read the questions carefully. 


Furthermore, normally when you have finished reading a book we ask you to do an AR quiz. This can normally only be done at school, but the team at Accelerated reader have now made this accessible from home whilst the schools are closed. This means whenever you finish reading a book at home you can log on to the AR website and see if they have a quiz for it. Just follow these steps: 


  • You must use our website link which is:
  • You will then see a familiar log in screen. Use your normal school log in. If you are unsure of it, email us at we will send it over to you. 
  • Search the name of your book and see if you can find a quiz for it. 
  • Complete your quizzes independently. 
  • You can only do quizzes on weekdays: Monday to Friday. 


The same company also run a website that has thousands of online books for children from year one upwards. Again, they have allowed us to have free access to this site just for the period of time where schools are shut. The link for this website is: When you browse for a book on there, make sure you read the info section to see which year group it is suitable for. Some of the books on this site also have quizzes on the AR website. Unfortunately, some of them are linked to the American sites and although they will give you a quiz number you will not be able to find them on our UK website. If you want to check which ones have quizzes you can use the AR book finder website.


Added extras


- For PE, keep on following along with the nation's PE teacher, Joe Wicks. You could even try creating your own workout in his style- send in to me, I'll have a go at it and let you know how I found it!


- For the Harry Potter fans , head over to for an exciting new website by JK Rowling. There are lots of fun activities to do!


-  We read to the children every day at school. Audible are doing free children books, so be sure to check them out so that the children can listen to their favourites!


- Work out your brain as well as your body with


- If you are missing our countdown problems, has all your needs!


Thank you for all your continued hard work. Please do keep in contact, and I will be back on the 16th April!