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This week we have linked our writing to our Science Week investigations. We have thought about writing predictions and explaining our ideas using 'because'. We have also written instructions for the various investigations we have carried out.



Year 1 have been focusing on measurements and comparing objects based on their weight. They have used heavier than and lighter than language. Year 2 have continued their work on Time and have been reading clocks to the nearest 5 minute. 



This week was Science Week and we have had a lot of fun carrying out a variety of investigations. We have created Fizzy Colours and made Colour Paper Rainbows. We also enjoyed a visit from teachers at Cromwell who showed us some exciting electrical circuits. We also investiged, 'Do Larger Hands Hold More Cubes?' Ask us what we found out and if this is correct!

We finished the week with a super Science Marketplace, where the children showcased their work.