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Well being challenges

Challenge 1: A little meditation 


Listen to the following guided meditation,  sit upright in your seat with your eyes closed. You can try to make the room a little darker to help you relax.  

Guided Meditation for Children | Your Secret Treehouse | Relaxation for Kids

Challenge 2: Create a worry jar

Spend time reflecting on any worries you may have.


Write these down and stick them onto a worry jar.


You can decorate these too.  


- Now they are out of your head you shouldn't have to worry anymore. When you feel like the worry has completely gone, you can take it out the jar and rip it up!


Challenge 3: Let's think about family and friends... 

Discuss all the people that we have not been able to see for a while, family friends?

How have you managed to keep in contact with them? 

How will you celebrate when you get to see them again? 


Can you write somebody a letter telling them about your lock down experience?

Challenge 4: Yoga alphabet

All you need for the Alphabet Yoga challenge is a small space, your body and your imagination!

  • Can you hold your body in a pose to look like each CAPITAL letter of the alphabet?
  • Start with A and then B, C, D and so on. Try and hold each shape for 5 seconds before going onto the next letter.
  • Can you complete the alphabet?


  • Can you transition smoothly between each letter shape?