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This week we have been reading a new story called 'The Rescue Party'.  We really enjoyed the story as all the animals worked together to help rabbit who was stuck.  It was also very funny!  The link to the story is on our home link page.  

During our forest school we were able to use a rope (as in the story) to help us with our balancing.  It was great fun even if it was a bit tricky!

In our maths we have been counting to 9 and 10, making sure that we were very careful and did not make mistakes.  We took our time and looked at each object carefully - moving them as needed to ensure we were correct.

We have been investigating some paints that Percy left behind for us - they were in lots of different colours and we each painted a balloon for hedgehog.  It was very interesting when the colours mixed together.

We have also had to solve a problem - a young duck got stuck in one of our trees in the outdoor area.  We had to work together as a team to think of ideas to get him down - what we could make and how the other animals could do this.

What a busy week!

Our very own rescue challenge....

Percy sent us a letter...... a duck from his pond had gone missing ...... it was stuck in the tree in our outdoor area!

What could we do to rescue it?

In our groups we decided many different ways and different things we could use to rescue the duck - some really amazing ideas were shared!

We then decided to create a ladder - not with wood, but with rope and sticks!  We had to learn very special knots and worked very hard.

What a super rescue team we are!

The duck is free!