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our learning this week

A week of wonderful working!


We have written our diaries about our holidays.  We were very careful with listening to the sounds in words and using our keywords.  We are beginning to recognise lots of new words by sight and hope that you will all support this development at home too.


In our maths we are working on the part-part-whole model.  We have chosen a number - for example the number 5 and then found lots of ways of making this number, 4+1, 3+2 etc  We have also been playing lots of addition games.  Please see the powerpoint on the homelink page to support understanding.


In our other work we have been given a treasure chest.  Tinkerbell took it from the pirates who had just found it.  She asked us to investigate what is in it.  How exciting!  It is full of old toys!



We have had a great time investigating the old toys from the treasure chest.  They are fun to use and we have discussed how they are similar and different to the toys that we have today.  Ask us what our favourite was - we even wrote a caption about it!  


At home please speak to your child about the toys that you played with when you were young - are they the same as the toys that they play with now?  How are they the same?  How are they different?