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This week we are continuing to learn how to tell the time!


The website below has an interactive clock that you could use if you do not have a clock at home.


You may need to have a play around with this every day.


Our challenge for this week is to understand how to tell the time to the nearest minute!  We are going to start from the very beginning and work our way up!


Challenge 1:

Your challenge today is to simply make your very own clock face!

You can wind a printable clock face below.


If you are not able to print a copy use your creative skills and use items around your home to make it! Paper plates make a great starting point!


What does your clock face need? 

How will your minute and hour hands move? 

As you are making your clock think about what we say when the minute hands land on the numbers 12, 3, 6 and 9.

Challenge 2:


Grab your clock from challenge 1 and place it onto some paper that is bigger as we are going to label our clock!


On the paper label the numbers 12,3,6 and 9.


To help you you may want to say what these numbers mean when the minute hand touches them.


12- O'clock

3- Quater past.

6- Half past

9- Quater to


Today we are going to learn how to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes using past the hour times.


  • Draw a line from the 12 to the six.
  • Label the right hand side of the clock face 'past' and the left hand side 'to'
  • Above where 12 is on your clock write the number 0
  • Now label the other hour numbers 1-6 using your 5 count.


These time are all past the hour. 


Using the hands you created in challenge one can you show the following times?


10 past One


25 past Six


20 past Four


5 past Seven 

Challenge 3:


To day we are going to look at the left hand side of our clock face.  When our minute hand is par the six we say 'to' instead of 'past' We also have to say the next hour. 


The clock above shows 35 minutes past 12.  To read and say this time correctly we have to use the word 'to' as the minute hand is past the 6.


Starting at 12 and working anti-clockwise label the number 11-7 with your 5 count.


So we read the clock above as 25 minute to 1.


Can you use your clock to show the following times?


Twenty five to Nine

Twenty to Eight

Ten to Three

Five to Ten

Use the video below to help!

Reading Intervals of Five Minutes To the Hour In this lesson, we learn how to read five minute intervals to the hour on an analogue clock. More video lessons, worksheets and ...

Challenge 4:

Can you read the clocks below?


Challenge 5:

Watch the video below

Telling Time to 1 Minute Intervals

Telling Time to 1 Minute Intervals

Using your clock face from challenge one continue to label it but this time with minutes!


What times can you tell? 


Ask an adult to challenge you to tell the time in different ways!