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3rd June




Remember to use your number bonds to ten to help you.


for example  I have 34 in my jar. 


I will look at the ones first. In the number 3I have 4 ones. To make these problems easier I need to get to my next tens number. I know that if I add 6 to the 4 ones that I would make a ten. 


If I add 6 to 34 I will land on my next tens number which is 40. So far I have added 6. 


I now need to get from 40 to 100 so I am going to count in tens until I get there.


50 60 70 80 90 100


How many tens have I added? 


I have added 6 tens or we can say that I have added 60.   


I now need to add my  6 ones from earlier and my 6 tens together.


This is equal to 66.


34+66 =100!


Can you work out the other jars?


Watch the video below to find out what an angle is.

Angles: measuring angles and their names! | Educational Videos for Kids

We measure Angles with... a protractor! Have you ever used one before? Here's how! 💭Have you used a protractor? Maths is fun and easy peasy with Happy learni...

Use the image below to discuss angles. 


Which lines have angles? How do you know?


Look at your name, which letters have the most angles? Which have the least? Are they different sizes?