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This week we are looking at mass and capacity!




Challenge 1: 


Grams and Kilograms | Maths for Kids | Grade 3 | Periwinkle

Grams and Kilograms | Maths for Kids | Grade 3 | Periwinkle Watch our other videos: English Stories for Kids:

If you have a set of scales at home as if you could borrow them.


Find some items to weigh, which item is the heaviest? which item is the lightest? 


Can you order some of the objects you have collected ? How will you order them?

Challenge 2



Using the video to help you, can you answer the following questions? 





Challenge 3:

The Greater Than Less Than Song | Inequalities Song for Kids | Silly School Songs

Kids will have fun learning about greater than, less than and equal to with this inequalities song for children. This song not only teaches the infamous "hun...

Watch the video above. Can you remember what these symbols mean?

< > =

Answer the questions below and discuss which symbols would you use to compare the mass' you are working with. 


Challenge 4

Year 3 - Column Subtraction with exchange in tens

How do we subtract using a column method when there is an exchange in the tens column? With thanks to the White Rose Maths Hub!

Column addition (with exchanging) | Addition and subtraction | Year 3 Maths

This nugget looks at adding 2, 3 digit numbers together using column addition (with exchange) For more content, subscribe to our channel which includes more ...

Watch the videos above to help you solve the following problems.