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P.E. Challenges with Mr Tull

Exercise Montage now up in the gallery!




Unfortunately, my actual sporting superstar friend is now back playing in competition and so doesn't have time to do his video. On top of this, being back full time to school is now obviously taking a lot of my time up, and we have set in motion plans to start creating a video for the Year 6 leavers, which will take a lot of work.


As such, I'm going to have to put on hold the challenges for now. I hope you have enjoyed them, because I know I have really loved seeing all your videos. Keep up the sport, and feel free to keep sending me stuff- create a new trickshot, practise shooting hoops, whatever it may be. 


And if you HAVE to, keep doing the Joe Wicks videos I guess.

Welcome to P.E. Challenges with Mr Tull! Here you will find weekly episodes which will feature sporting challenges for you to do. I hope you enjoy taking part, and remember to let me know how you get on! Email me at with videos, pictures or just comments in general.


Take care!

The Extra Details

- Each challenge video will be uploaded at around 3pm every Wednesday. Please send any video or picture submissions by midday on the following Monday. After that, and you probably won't make it onto the montage!

- Video highlights will be uploaded to the Montage gallery at around 3pm every Monday.

- I will assume that you are happy for the video to be presented on our school website. If it's just for me, and you don't want it going up, please specify in your email.

- I'd recommend shooting videos in landscape mode. If you do it in portrait, the video will cut off the top and bottom... which may well be the important bit!

- Don't worry about editing it together, adding in background music or anything- I will do all that. 

- Have fun!