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L.O. To record and present a set of continuous data.


Can you remember what the difference is between discrete data and continuous data? If you don't, have a quick look on the attached link to refresh your memories. 


Your task today is going to be to create your own set of continuous data. You can choose what you do. Here are some examples: 


- Do one minute of exercises, then measure your pulse rate for one minute. Do this 10 times.


- Fill a balloon with water and pierce a small hole into the top. Squeeze the water out into a measuring jug and measure the water every 10 seconds for 100 seconds.


- Record the temperature outside every hour for 10 hours. You can look online or on a phone app for these results too, if you would rather not wait to complete the activity.


Once you have collected your data together, you will need to plot it onto a line graph. Again, if you need to refresh your memories, have a look on the attached link to help you. Remember to label your axis!


If you were trying to give yourself a harder challenge, you could measure something (such as temperature) using decimals as well e.g. the temperature might be 89.4 degrees fahrenheit. This would need to be plotted all the more precisely on your line graph.