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W/B 6.11.23


This week we have been researching different woodland animals and have created bullet point lists to record our facts. We will use these facts next week, to write our own non-chronological report.



Year 1 have been finding number bonds to 10. They have also begun to add two 1-digit numbers and have used cubes and tens frames to support them.

Year 2 have been subtracting a 1 digit number from a 2-digit number. They have been using tens frames, bead strings and drawing number lines to support their subtraction.



Our topic sessions have been focusing on Geography and the differences between villages, towns and cities. We have thought about the village of Manea and what people do for work and leisure. 


Busy Learning:

Our busy learning challenges have included building a tree house for a woodland creature, creating a creature out of leaves and twigs and decorating a Remembrance Day picture.