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Reading Challenges


LO: To read a text

Read the text: “Inspiring Dahl”. What type of text is this? Discuss the features we would expect to see in a letter?

Time yourself for one minute. How far can you read? Write down a list of words about what you have read so far. Then read the rest of the text in your head.What was it about? What was the purpose of the text?  



LO: To explore the vocabulary within a text. 

Re-read the text: “Inspiring Dahl”. Highlight any vocabulary that you do not understand. ow could we use the text to help us work out the meaning of words. What else could we use?

Task: Use a dictionary to find unknown words from the text.




LO: To skim and scan

How quickly can you find the following words in the text? 

Dahl, ideas, lovers, sister. 




LO: To gather information from a text

Can you write a summary about the text? 


Have a go at answering the question sheet. 




LO: To infer information from a text

Looking at the text from this week, what do you know about the person that wrote the letter look for clues in the text. Use the sentence starter “I know the author is…. Because the text says”. 

TASK: Draw a picture of who they think the author is and annotate it with evidence from the text.