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This week, after reading a new story 'Superworm' we decided to go on a minibeast hunt in our forest school session.  We found lots and lots of different creatures and were able to discuss with our friends what we had found.  We have then been investigating even further in our outdoor area, and writing captions to inform each other what we had found.


In our maths activities we are working very hard on sharing - we have lots of different objects and are seeing if we can share them equally.  We have been talking about what we notice during these tasks and investigating what happens with different amounts.


We are also working hard on writing captions and sentences and in our handwriting sessions we are looking at writing our keywords.  We are getting VERY good at these.


Miss Froggatt has given us a challenge of TEAMWORK this week.  We are amazing at working in a team and have developed our listening and sharing ideas throughout the week.



We have visitors!  Some eggs have been left with us to look after.  We have to be very quiet around them so we do not upset them.  We are going to observe them closely and see what happens. We predict that they may hatch!  We have then talked about what may hatch!


Day 2

They have hatched!  We think they may be chicks but are reading lots of books to find out what else they may be!

All eggs have now hatched and they are all getting to know each other.  We hear lots of cheeping from the cage and enjoy watching them eat and drink.