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Tudor Word Problems

L.O. To solve multi-step word problems.


With it being the end of our Tudor topic this week, I thought I would give you some Tudor themed word problems to work on today. These will cover some of the maths skills we have focused on this year. I will put the answers from today up on tomorrow's Maths page.


Answers from yesterday: 

1. 600 sheets

2. 893 pieces of candy corn

3. 425 sheets of toilet paper

4. Boy's height was 1.09m or 3ft 7inches

5. Lamp post was 5.87m or 19ft 3 inches - man's height was 6ft 4inches or 1.93m

6. 156 cheeseballs

7. 250ft bubble wrap

8. 8.87kg Turkey 

9. Dollar sign - $22.75 in nickels