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Dear Willow class,


It has been another week at home and we hope you are continuing to challenge yourself. It has been lovely to hear from some of you via e-mail. Remember if you are proud of something you have achieved during this time e-mail us we would love to hear from more of you. 


Just look at one of our friends below, he used the video link we posted last week to create his own drawing of a dragon. What a great amount of effort! I can also see some of the skills we learnt in class being used! 

We recently become very exited over one of the resources that has become available during our time at home. J.K Rowling (The author of the Harry Potter series) has created a Harry Potter at home hub. you can find it here


We know many of you were really enjoying the story we were reading.  J.K Rowling has also added an audio book version to Audible stories so that you can still enjoy listening to it! you can find it here 


E-mail us and let us know what you think!

We have some more positive news to share with you.  A few of you have emailed about using accelerated reader at home. Prior to now this has not been possible but after talking with the company we are now allowed to let you access it from home.

You will need to log in via this link: 

You will need to use your usual username and password. If you are unsure of this information email us and we will send you a reminder. You can do any quizzes on the books that you read at home but you should do these independently. You will be able to access AR Monday - Friday. This will only be available during the school closure period.


You can find some e-books with AR quizzes attached to them at this website:  Unfortunately some of these books are linked to the American version of AR. To check if your book has a UK friendly quiz use this website:


We can wait to see how many quizzes you can complete. Maybe you could set a personal target of growing your next sunflower!

Here are some tasks for the week!





Use your times table rock stars to practise your times tables. 

This week I want you to recap your column addition skills. It has been a while since we have looked at this in depth. Remember to start with your ones and do not forget to count and exchanges you make. Use this video to help you!


You could also try to challenge yourself by creating your own hundreds, tens and ones out of objects you find in the garden or around your home.  What number sentences can you create? If you are feeling very confident could you make a number sentence that give you a four digit answer?


Use the resources at the bottom of the page for maths to develop your understanding further.


In Literacy this week you or focussing on poems. See below for your task sheets.


How did you get on with French colours last week? Did any of you make any colourful creations?

This week have a look at this word search. Can you find any of the colours you researched last week?



Each morning Joe Wicks is uploading a P.E lesson for children onto his you tube channel. Here is the link to the playlist which he will update very regularly.


Use the resources below to either print out the activity sheet and answer the questions or if you are unable to print create a poster about what cyber bullying is.


We are going to start learning about the water cycle. Please find the resources below and complete three different tasks.


Being a good friend is really important! Take a look at the cards below and write what you would do to help the person involved.


Watch the story ‘The Dot’ here :

What artwork could you create from this story?