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Wednesday 10th

Lockdown Day 26 (Wednesday)

As_Ly Warm Up




LO:  Solve problems involving percentage of amounts


Ah yes, good old percentage of amounts! We’ve practised this a lot in class, so let’s see if you can do it independently!


You know the drill: watch the video, complete the task as they come up and then have a go at the worksheets at the end.




LO: Write a biography for some examples


Watch my input to practise a sentence type we have looked at before.


You have three days to write the biography.


Today I would like you to write the introduction and first paragraph.



  • At least 1 semi-colon (remember both sides need to make sense on their own)
  • At least 1 colon.
  • At least 3 powerful words per paragraph.

Only one sentence per paragraph beginning with ‘The’.




Use the Inference Iggy PowerPoint to support you with your inference skills


Complete the reading task ‘Unexpected guests’




RE: Compare Bar/Bat Mitzvahs with another religious festival This video explains the significance of this rite of passage for Jews. Read this.


Choose one Christian rite of passage e.g. christening, wedding, funeral and compare the traditions of one of these to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Are there any similarities? What are the differences?


The Rest


- 15-20 minutes of reading a day

- Live Joe Wicks session on YouTube in the morning

- TT Rockstars


Mrs Wordsmith - Charge

Have a look through the attached PowerPoint. Much like in class, see if you can work out the missing words and then practise using the word in sentences. Maybe try using it in a sentence with a semi-colon or in a De:de sentence.

Furthermore, see if you can use it in this week’s writing tasks!




Pick 10 words from the year 5/6 national curriculum word list. Practise them each day and then test yourself next week!

Shadowmancer- Part 3

Inference Iggy PPT