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WB 4.10.21


In Maths this week we have been learning about addition and number bonds. We have done lots of practical work so we understand that a number is made up of two other numbers. We then learnt that these numbers are called number bonds. We have also learnt to start subitising which means we can look at a group of objects and see how many there are without counting. This will help us to be super mathematicians.


In our Literacy lessons this week, we have been plotting out the story of Farmer Duck using pictures, time connectives and key phrases from the book, in preparation for writing our own versions of the story next week. We have also really enjoyed our Guided Reading sessions which we now do in our Phonic groups, where we have been completing a range of challenges including group reading with the teacher, phonics and tricky word activities, and comprehension work. 


This week in our Geography we have been learning about compass points.  We have been using compasses and a compass app on the iPads to find North, South, East and West.  We have then been applying this skill by following a range of instructions to find different destinations on a farmyard map.