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This week we have continued with our work on 'The Lighthouse Keeper'.  We have read a new story 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Cat' and found out lots more about Mr and Mrs Grinling and Hamish.  We have then discuss words that can be used to describe Mr Grinling - he can be a bit grumpy but he is also very kind and loves his lunches!

In our phonics we have been developing our sound awareness by reading sentences.  We especially enjoy silly or not sentences and have been reading sentences such as:

Can a cat jump?

Can a boat hop?

We then had to say if we think it is a silly sentence or a real sentence.

In our maths work we have worked very hard with subtraction.  We have been solving problems involving people on a bus and also pebbles on a ten frame.  Language such as less, take away, how many left have been worked on.

In our investigation work we have been developing our understanding of maps.  We have created maps in our forest school and also used the beebot to move around a map we have created.

We have also been continuing with our shell work - our clay has dried and we then looked at the different colours that shells are and painted our own shells using this knowledge.

What a busy week!

Please see the information below for further information and activities to work on at home.  If you require further information, please email

We have made a music area.  We have used lots of different materials and explored the different sounds they make.  We have then decided to make lots of different music that can be played in the lighthouse for Mr and Mrs Grinling.

We have worked hard investigating the ways that a beebot can move!  This took lots of perseverance and team work!