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WB 06.12.21


This week in maths we have been counting in 5's.  We have been looking at the patterns we can see in the numbers in the 5 count. 

We have noticed that the numbers in the 5 count can be odd and even but also that the even numbers in the 5 count are the numbers that are in the 10 count.  

The year 2 children have continued to look at how to represent 5 count problems as repeated addition and multiplication sentences.  


This week in Literacy we have been writing letters in the first person. We pretended we were Stick Man writing home to our family. We planned our letters and included adventures from the book and lots of exciting adjectives. We then wrote our letters telling our family hoe much we missed them, what we had been doing and how it made us feel. This gave us a great opportunity to apply our learning about the features of an informal letter and using adjectives to make our writing more interesting.


This week in our Foundation work, we have been focusing on computing and E-safety. We have been thinking about what it means to 'communicate' and the different ways we communicate using technology. We have also been thinking about how we can be kind to others, and what we can do if we encounter people who are not always kind online.