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Thursday 7th


Let's start our Thursday with a little positivity. 

Think of three things that are going well at the moment, what are you really  pleased with? What do you think the best thing about staying at home is?



Guided reading 

Let's explore the vocabulary which is going to be in the text we read tomorrow. Have a look at the words on the sheet below and draw a picture for each word, or use them in a sentence.  You may have to research what they mean. 


Today we are inferring information about characters from a text. When you talk about  a character you may use the sentence structure "I know.... is … because the text said.."


Read through the extract fom The lion, the witch and the wardrobe. Look for clues about each of the children- you could highlight these in different colours. Then write at least two sentences about each child.


Warm up by consider how to make one whole e.g. 0.3 +0.7= 1   0.18+0.82 =1

Need an extra challenge? Try this...

Main: To divide by 10 and 100.

What words do you know already for divide?

Remember to use a place value grid to help you to divide by 10 and 100.

Have a go at the problems on the sheet below.


Or Try the Oak Academy Trust Online lesson which is linked below.


Yesterday, we looked at the seven characteristics of a living thing. Today, I would like you to consider how living things can be grouped. Look at the pictures below, or come up with your own examples and sort them into either a venn diagram or a carroll diagram.



Explore the names of different French animals. Use the vocabulary below. Perhaps you could turn them into flash cards and test yourself, or make your own snap card game.