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This week we have been learning all about STICKS!  We have had a great day investigating the story 'Stanley's Stick' we played hockey, created wands, foraged for sticks and also had a fire where we were able to use sticks to toast marshmallows.  We were all very sensible, listened hard and shared our ideas.  

In phonics we are working on applying our letters so far by blending them together to read and write words.  

Our maths work is related to length - we are investigating the sticks that have been collected, discussing which is the longest or shortest.  After our work we have then carried out a length challenge game.  This is also on our home link page for your information.

In our creative work we have been continuing with creating starry nights, making wands and also creating our own stickmen!

We are also working hard on our perseverance and resilience this week – we will have lots of activities in our busy learning that will need us to keep trying and find different ways of doing things. 

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