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Thursday 2nd April 2020

Hello Beech Class,

I hope you have now all settled into home learning. I am missing you all very much. It is so lovely to see your work and see how well you are all getting on. I’ve seen some amazing learning going on at home- one person is learning French, another all about space and another has been planting flowers in their garden. I am, as always, incredibly proud of your brilliant attitude and commitment towards your learning.

Keep up the hard work!

Foundation Subjects

This week, I would like all of us to think about how we can help our community, it has been an odd few weeks for us all, I know lots of you will be missing seeing your friends, family or going out to interesting places. I’d like you to share some of the ways that you are keeping yourselves and your families feeling positive and happy at the moment. Send me your ideas and I will share some of them on next week’s website post. Here are a few of mine:

  • I am spending time playing with my dogs and trying to teach them some tricks- which I’m afraid isn’t going very well but is fun nevertheless! I am also sharing pictures of my dogs with people in my family to keep them happy too.
  • I saw a post on the internet of someone who filled a jar with all of the exciting things they want to do when we can all go out again so I have started to do that as well- one of mine is to be back at school with all of you celebrating that your amazing attitude to learning at home has beaten those Goblins!

I’d love to see your ideas! You could write about the things that you are doing to keep yourself and others feeling happy in your writing books and you could use your sketching skills to draw some pictures to go alongside them. Think about the sketching techniques that we learnt at the very start of the year.

Start Drawing: PART 1 - Outlines, Edges, Shading

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A little note for the many Potterheads in Beech Class! J.K Rowling has released some free games and quizzes all about the world of Harry Potter.

You can also access Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for free on Audible and OverDrive. This is in an eBook format and an audio book format. Enjoy!

Exercise and getting out into the fresh air is another great way of feeling good. I know lots of you have been joining in with the Joe Wicks PE lessons. I have given you a nature scavenger hunt to complete over the week. You could see what you could find in your garden or have a look when you are out.


Your grown-ups are probably very busy at the moment! Lots of them will be working from home, teaching you and doing the housework! This week I’d like you to help them out a bit! With your grown-ups I’d like for you to choose some jobs that you can do, maybe you could do the vacuuming, help to fold laundry, make them a sandwich for lunch (be careful if you’re doing something in the kitchen- think about the ways we discussed keeping safe when we made our ice-cream). I’d then like for you to write a set of instructions in your green book to tell someone else how they can do this. I’d like you to try and do one helpful thing each day and then write your instructions.

Think about what we have learnt about instructions. We have written lots of instructions in Year 2 so I think you will all be really confident with this task! We need to have numbers, we might use time words (with commas after them) and we need to be writing command sentences with imperative verbs- these sentences tell you what to do.

Perhaps you could send these to other people; friends in our class or family members in other households to give them some ideas of how they can help each other out!

I’d like you to choose your favourite helpful task and copy these instructions into your beige handwriting book.

I would also like for you to complete the instructions ordering challenges from your pack (test 12).


This week, I would like you to work on your subtraction skills. I have uploaded another reminder video. The way that we have learnt to do our addition and subtraction is probably a bit different to how your grown-ups learnt how to do it when they were at school. (It is definitely different from how I was taught when I was little!)

You might like to create your own tens and ones to use to solve some subtraction problems. You’re all so creative so I’m sure you will have some amazing ideas of what you could use. Maybe construction toys or sticks and pebbles from your garden. I’m sure you can come up with some brilliant and very creative ideas!

Keep using Times Tables Rockstars to develop your speed and accuracy when answering multiplication and division questions.

You could also play Coconut multiples on Topmarks.

Subtraction using tens and ones

Hello Beech Class. Here is a little recap of how to solve subtraction problems using tens and ones. Keep working hard Superstars!

Keep up all of your hard work, I’m so proud of your effort and attitude. Don’t forget that you can email me on

This will be the last post until Thursday 16th March. I have added some craft activities and some outdoor activities that you might enjoy over your Easter Holidays. Take care!

From Miss Pritchard

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