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Tuesday 9th Feb


Good Morning

Good morning Ash Class. It is important that you fit your learning into a time table which works best for you, but below is our suggested format for you. Please remember if you have any problems with today's work to send Miss Bridges and Mrs Causer an email at We would also love to see photographs of your work today. Good luck with your challenges.

Today is Safer Internet Day! Click the picture below to load the virtual assembly. Consider- Should we trust everything we see online?


Practise staying safe online, and complete some of these activities: 


Starter: To round numbers to the nearest 100:


Click here to watch a video of Miss Bridges explaining this activity to you


Have a look at the problems below. Can you find the number which is the odd one out using your understanding of rounding to the nearest 100? Write a sentence to explain it. 


Main: To solve problems using my knowledge of Roman Numerals. 



Yesterday, you looked at the Roman Numeral number system with Mrs Causer. Remind yourself of these by completing the online lesson with Oak Academy. Click here. 

Watch the video from 5:00. 


Activity: Use what you have learnt, to solve these problems: 



Starter: To use standard English (was/were did/done)

Main: To be able to explain something in detail

Read the Snoozeatron text below. As you read, think about the image you are getting in your head.

Draw a picture of the snoozeatron based on what you have read. You could challenge yourself by drawing it like a comic strip, showing each step. 

Then watch the Soozeatron video- how effective do you think the explanation was? Did they include enough details? 

The Snoozatron - Cracking Contraptions - Wallace and Gromit

Now, watch the next cracking contraption. Verbally practise explaining how it works to somebody in your house- make sure you include lots of detail. You could even ask them to draw it from your description to see if you should have added more detail. 

You could film your explanation and send it to us too. 

Autochef - Cracking Contraptions - Wallace and Gromit

Guided Reading 

LO: To explore strategies for reading unknown words. 


As this text is non-fiction, we will be reading lots of scientific vocabulary.


What would you do if you came across a word that we were unable to read?


Watch the video with Miss Bridges to discuss the strategies you could use.


Now have a go at reading these words. Do yo know what they mean? Write the definitions next to the words. 






Click the picture below to launch the BBC website which will introduce the topic of reading unknown words. 

Now watch the video with Miss Bridges to focus on today's vocabulary. 




Still image for this video

Class Story- The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Chapter 14

With permission of Harper Collins

Mrs Wordsmith

LO: To review words we have learnt before

Have a look at some of the words that we have learnt this year. Play a game with somebody in your family- give them the meaning and see if they can guess the word or perhaps you could draw a picture.


Dusk, Shimmering, Scrawny, Insecure, Blustery, Howl, Dewy, Sweltering, Electrifying, Hazy, Downpour, Scrumptious, Ravenous, Twilight



Try the two activities below: 

Right Way, Wrong Way

Avoid the defenders


LO: To recognise animals in French


Today is our final lesson on French animals. Test what you have remembered by answering the five questions on the video below. This is also an interactive quiz on the Language Angels website. 

French quiz

Still image for this video

Complete this end of unit Summary sheet. The learning exercises are on the language angels website. The log in information is below. 


To access the learning resources for your French lesson please visit the Language Angels website by clicking HERE


Click log in and sign in using the details below in the home school area.


Username:   ManeaC1355

Password:    lahome


Entry Level Challenge,

Unit 7,

Lesson 6


There is an interactive Powerpoint for you to use like we do in class and some interactive games to try.