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Wellbeing Support

Our Weekly Wellbeing Tips are designed to give the whole family an opportunity to take a mental break. Once practiced these tips can be used when you are feeling sad, worried, anxious or just feel that you need a little break and your mind needs some time to reset and calm down. Understanding how you feel is important. Have a look at the feelings chart on the page below, this might help you in naming some of your emotions.

These tips work best with repeated practice. Some children will feel comfortable and confident to explore these tips independently. Some children will need to be guided through them.



‘Put your own mask on first’

As adults we have so many responsibilities and commitments, we cannot fulfil these to the best of our abilities unless we take care of our own wellbeing first. It is always important to have time for mental space and right now this is more important than ever. The daily suggestions are to remind us adults to take a few minutes to give ourselves a mental break.

We always try to model to children how to have healthy lifestyle, we talk about eating healthy foods and exercising, so it is also important that we model taking care of our mental wellbeing too. Simply telling the children ‘I’m going to go and have a few minutes to let my brain have a rest and calm down shows the children that you value taking care of yours and their mental wellbeing.