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Thursday 4th Feb

Good morning 

Good morning Ash Class. It is important that you fit your learning into a time table which works best for you, but below is our suggested format for you. Please remember if you have any problems with today's work to send Miss Bridges an email at We would also love to see photographs of your work today. Good luck with your challenges.



Collective Worship

Watch the video below of the story 'Robert The Bruce and the spider'. Consider- What is the moral of this story? Why was it important for both the spider and Robert the Bruce to persevere? What would have happened if they didn't persevere? 

You can also read this story here: 

Robert the Bruce and the spider


LO: To estimate answers to addition and subtraction problems 

Starter: To find the perimeter of a rectangle. 


Main: Estimate answers to addition and subtraction problems 



LO: To explore simple and compound sentences. 

Warm-up. We have been looking at using apostrophes to show plural possession. Now apply what you have learnt when writing sentences about the following pictures: 


If you need more support with these- then click here for the Oak Academy lesson on apostrophes. 


Main. Watch the Oak Academy lesson on simple and compound sentences by clicking HERE


Write your own compound sentences for an explanation text- using the following picture as inspiration. Can you explain how an aeroplane works? (Perhaps it's engine is full of bumblebees?) 

Class story: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe 

With permission of Harper Collins

Chapter 11

With permission of Harper Collins

Guided Reading 

LO: To make inferences about how a character is feeling. 

Today we are going to continue working on inference. Read the texts below and look for clues about how the characters are feeling. Don't forget to use the evidence from the text in your answers. 

Mrs Wordsmith

LO: To revisit previously learnt words 

Mrs Wordsmith revisit 2.mp4

Still image for this video


LO: Recognise why animals become endangered or extinct. 

Starter: Have a look at the animals below. Which one is the odd one out? Remember there isn't necessarily a right or wrong option, as long as you can explain your ideas. 

Main:  Can you remember the reasons why habitats may change? What effect does that have on different animals? Explore the slides below to recognise endagered animals. Then research one and create a presentation explaining everything that you have found out. 

Design Technology

L/O: To research how our food is produced.


Our food is produced in many different ways. We can put most foods into the following categories. 



Caught     Processed     Grown     Reared 



Visit the 'From Farm to Fork' Play list on on youtube by clicking HERE


Your task for today is to create a poster for a child in Year 2. Can you tell them about the four different types of ways that our food is produced? Use the videos on the playlist and the pictures below to help.