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Thursday 26th March 2020

Hello Beech Class,


I hope you are all keeping well. It has felt very odd not to be at school altogether but I’m so proud of the hard work that I’ve already seen coming in from some children. You really are fantastic! Well done.


Don’t forget that you can email your work and any questions to


From this list you could plan a few things to do each day, I suggest doing a little bit of maths, literacy and PE every day. Then you could choose to do something from the foundation subjects list or something creative of your own choice.




Last week, you were planning a story using the story board sheet. This week I would like for you to use your plan to write a story in your green writing books. As I’m sure you know I am running out of books to read so I need some really interesting and exciting stories. Let’s hope they don’t scare me as much as your creature descriptions did earlier on in the year!

Remember that you will need to describe the characters and settings as you go along. You might do this using expended noun phrases. I’m sure you will all remember the things that we always say I don’t need to mention! Capitals, finger spaces, taking time with spelling and handwriting and making sure your sentences make sense.


Perhaps, you could ask someone in your family to be your polishing partner. Take some time to look over your story and make sure it’s the best that it can be. You have a whole week to do this job so don’t rush! I’d like to see at least one full page of writing- but you don’t need to do that all at once you could have a break halfway through.


I know that you are also all amazing artist! So I’d love to see some illustrations to go with your story.


Use Oxford Owl (see the link to show you how to access the books) to read a book each day from your book band colour. Choose at least 2 of these books to write a new blurb for (please do this in your green writing books). Remember that a blurb tells you about the story or information book but it doesn’t give away the ending. It needs to make someone want to read that book. I can’t wait to see your recommendations!


In your handwriting books I’d like for you to choose a book that you really love and copy out at least 5 sentences each day. Really think about the tall ascenders, the fat parts of the letters which stay inside the grey lines and the descenders that dig down. You could share the special voices and actions we have for those parts with your families! There are also some videos available on the BBC BiteSize website (see link) that can help you to remember how to form each of the letters.



I would also like for you to work on spelling words with the ‘j’ sound either at the end of the word or where a word has the ‘j’ sound but the letter ‘j’ does not look correct. See the first two boxes of the spelling lists that were sent home.


j sound at the end of the word


j sound but a j doesn’t look right

















You could ask your family to quiz you or you could see which of these words you can use in sentences.

This website can help you to work on spelling words with ‘dge’.


I have attached a sheet which you might like to use to help you to work on spelling words that end with ‘dge’ and ‘ge’.


You might also be interested in listening to some stories, Audible by Amazon have made lots of their books free while we are not in school. Your parents will need to make an account but this is also free.

David Walliams is also releasing free audio books daily. You can go to  or to access these. His website also has some activities that you might enjoy which are linked to his books.



This week I would like for you to work on your addition skills. I have added a video which you might find useful to watch as a recap of how we add using our tens and ones. I have added a document with a list of addition questions but you could come up with your own too. On my list I have written some number sentences with the equals on the other side- don’t get tricked by this! I’d like to see you challenging yourselves to solve addition problems which include exchanging and maybe even some problems with more than three addends!


Last week, I told you that a times table challenge was on its way! This week I would like for you to challenge yourself to answer the multiplication questions on the document I have uploaded as quickly as you can. You could print this out or you could ask an adult to read the questions out and you can note down your answers. Perhaps you could send me how many you answered correctly and the time in which you achieved this? In Beech Class we always aim high, I wonder if you could complete this task more than once and see if you could improve your score or time?


Foundation Subjects

You are probably all using the internet quite a lot at the moment- if you’re reading this you’re using the internet right now!

We have talked about internet safety before, we talked about the types of things that we feel comfortable sharing on the internet and the things that we don’t.

We have also been talking about keeping ourselves safe and how we feel when we might be at risk. We have talked about the feelings that we might get in our tummies, goose-bumps appearing on our skin and having a ‘gut instinct’ which we should trust.

I have uploaded some links below for you to explore with your families. You will need to use the internet for your learning while you’re at home so I’d like for you to work with your family to decide on some family internet safety rules.

To keep active this week you could play some games in your garden, perhaps you could have a race with your family or set up your own course like we had in the hall for Sports Relief.

You might also be interested in joining in with Joe Wicks’ national PE lessons every weekday at 9am, you can search for these using any search engine.

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