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Friday 8th



Read for twenty minutes, either to yourself or to an adult. If possible, compete an AR at home. If this is not possible, talk to an adult about what you are reading. What happens in your story? Who are the main characters? Can you describe any of the settings? Would you recommend the story to others your age? Why? Why not?


Please look up the word ‘humid’ and use it in five different sentences.



Learning Objective: To describe a setting. 


All - Brainstorm all the different places for settings you can think of, for example, castle, beach, haunted house, school, library….there are hundreds of them. Once you have spent five minutes doing this, choose one to write a description about.


Medium - Have a look at slide below and read the sentences with an adult. By focusing on what can be seen, heard, felt, smelt and tasted, you will be able to structure your description of your setting. Think about your setting and write one or two sentences on what you can see, hear, smell, taste and feel.

Spicy – Read the slide below and make some of your own notes under these five areas based on your chosen setting. If someone arrived at your setting, what would they be able to see, hear, smell, taste and feel? Write two paragraphs describing your setting. Use the example paragraph below and your own notes to help you.

Hot/Challenge – Complete the Spicy activity. Can you include any of the Mrs Wordsmith words we have looked at? What about adjectives? Adverbs? Similes? Metaphors? Alliteration?



Starter - Please have a look at the shapes below.


Medium – Write two facts about each one.

Spicy – Write three facts about each one.

Hot – Write four facts about each one.

Learning Objective: To be able to measure using millimetres and centimetres. 


Medium – Go through the attached Powerpoint. Have a ruler in front of you so you can also start seeing the divisions. Then, please have a go at drawing lines the following lengths:









Can you draw a square with sides of 3cm?

Can you draw an oblong with sides of 4cm, 5cm, 4cm and 5cm?

Can you draw an oblong with sides of 2cm, 3cm, 2cm and 3cm?


Spicy / Hot – Please go through the PowerPoint below. Make sure you know the relationship between millimetres and centimetres. Then, have a go at drawing the following length lines:











Can you draw a square with sides of 3.5cm?

Can you draw an oblong with sides of 2.5cm and 40mm?

Can you draw an oblong with sides of 45mm and 3cm?


Learning Objective: To know that sometimes our friends can lead us into risky situations.

To know ways of minimising risk and keeping ourselves safe.


Can you think what the word ‘risk’ means? What do you understand by this word?


Risk means: A situation that could result in danger. The possibility that what you are about to do could result in loss or injury.


Can you now think of risks someone your age might take? For example, leaving the house without telling anyone, playing with some matches you have found, speaking to someone you don’t know at the skate park. Try to think of ten risks someone your age might take.


Please read through the following scenarios. At each stage, can you think what the risks might be and some possible unsafe outcomes:


You have agreed to meet your three best friends at the park. When you arrive, one of them has brought their sixteen year old cousin with them. You’ve never seen this cousin before.

Can you identify any risks? What might happen if you agree to this?


You have agreed to meet your three best friends at the park. When you arrive, one of them suggests climbing the fence and wandering through the new building site. There is a sign that says ‘Keep Out’, but there is no one there and it looks safe.

Can you identify any risks? What might happen if you go along with this?


You are with your three best friends in town. You look around and your friends have disappeared. You think they are playing a trick on you, but you are still worried. Luckily, an adult is coming over to see if you are alright?

Can you identify any risks? What might happen next? Would it make a difference if an elderly lady approached you? 


There will be times when you find yourself in a situation you are not comfortable with, especially as you get older, like those above. The key thing is feeling confident you know how to minimise the risks and stay safe. Can you think of five rules that will help you stay safer in situations like these?

For example, I will always tell my parents where I am or I will learn my mum’s mobile phone number or I will go into a shop and ask for help.


Despite this definition of risk, there are some positive risks you could take. For example, speaking to someone new in class or trying a new hobby. Although it might seem scary and you risk not being good at something or being ignored, there is a high chance that you will enjoy it or make a new friend. There are both positive and negative risks you can take in your life. 



Topic discussion: If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?  


What kind of animals are considered ‘cool’?   

What sort of animals would you absolutely not consider?  

What traits would you want your animal to have?  

What traits do you not want?  

Would people be scared of you?  

What is your life expectancy?  

Would it be easy for you to find food?  

Do any other animals hunt you? Do humans hunt you? 


Has your opinion changed at all now you have heard other people’s choices?