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Friday 29th January


Timetable - Friday 28th January

Literacy - 45 minutes 
Guided Reading - 15-30 minutes
Numeracy warm up - 15 minutes
Numeracy - 45 minutes
Spellings - 15 minutes
Mrs Wordsmith - 15 minutes 
RE - 45 minutes
Oracy - 30 minutes 

Please also remember to complete your reading for 20 minutes a day. Once you have finished your reading book, complete an AR test using the useful links page (tree icon).

Also, please complete 10 minutes of consolidating your times tables and division facts by using TTRockstars. The link for this is also on the useful link page (tree icon).


L.O. To use the senses to describe a main setting.

Today I would like you to go outside and focus on the senses whilst you are out there. Close your eyes and imagine you are in the setting of your story. How would you describe:

How the weather feels?

What you can see?

The smells you can detect?

What sounds you might hear?

Now, some of the senses you experience outside will not work for the setting of your story, so you will need to put your imaginations to good use and try to transport yourself there.


I would like you to write one of the settings for your story. An obvious choice would be the castle or castle grounds of the king. Think of the time period and how that might have influenced what they could see, smell, feel etc. 

Guided Reading

Today you are going to present the information from your non-fiction text this week. Yesterday, you should have prepared notes of the key facts within the texts and thought about how you would present them orally. Today you can practise presenting your information, speaking clearly and making sure that your facts are correct. Ideally, the person you present your facts to will understand enough about the circulatory system to know whether or not your information sounds correct!

Numeracy - warm up

Please see the menu of warm up questions attached. The column on the far left is the easiest level and the far right is the hardest. Select a column and give yourself 15 minutes to answer the questions. 


Today is a consolidation day, where you will apply the skills we have been practising during the week to answer word problems. Go through the attached worksheets and complete as many of the tasks as you can in your usual 45 main Maths session. Remember to keep using the written methods we have been working on this week. 

Mrs Wordsmith

Please watch the video below with your new Mrs Wordsmith word of the day. Remember to pause the video when prompted to give yourself time to complete the activities.

Mrs Wordsmith

Still image for this video


Below you will find your spellings for this week. Continue to practise the spellings for your group, paying careful attention to any words you are finding particularly tricky.


Group One - silent 't' and 'n'

castle, nestle, thistle, jostle, rustle, fasten, listen, glisten, christen, moisten, condemn, hymn, solemn, column, autumn


Group Two - the 'ent' suffix

agent, recent, intelligent, innocent, frequent, accident, incident, confident, resident, evident, payment, agreement, shipment, employment, argument


Group Three - 'or' sound

story, more, tore, sore, storm, boring, fork, torch, short, born


Today I'd like you to look through the PowerPoint and learn a bit about some of the different festivals that are celebrated by Jewish people. Then complete the activity attached.


Today for Oracy I would like you to play the game 20 questions with a partner, or someone from home. Alternatively, you could call a friend or family member to play. One person needs to think of something e.g. eggs. The other person has twenty chances to guess what it is. You need to think carefully about your questions. The more attention you pay to the answers, the better you are able to tailor your questions and get to the answer in fewer questions.