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WB 14.06.21

How the weather has changed! We started the week with more glorious sunshine, but today we have spent most of the day indoors due to the very heavy rain. With the storms set to continue into next week, don't forget your raincoats on Monday!


So what have we been up to this week? 

We have loved learning about 'Little Red Riding Hood' in Literacy this week, and have worked to create story maps of this traditional tale. 'Little Red Riding Hood' has also made her way into our outdoor area provision, with masks and props out in the stage area, and pictures from the story to order along the fence.


In Maths, we have again been working on key skills like partitioning, number ordering and counting in twos, fives and tens (as well as threes for our Y2 children).


In the afternoons, we have been thinking about the very important topic of e-safety and how we can keep ourselves safe online. Mrs Johnson was amazed by the range of ways the children knew they could access the internet, and was also given a lesson on how to operate 'Alexa'! We thought about poor Mr Jones who was tricked by an unkind person on the internet into putting salt in his banana bread instead of sugar, and thought of lots of ways that he could get help and get his problem resolved.


Finally, we have spent time with Mrs Goude making some very special cards that are winging their way home this weekend. Don't forget to check your child's bag!


Have a great weekend everyone!

This week's WONDERFUL learning! (Please check back on last week's page to see last week's photos which have now been added!)