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Additional tasks

Additional daily tasks – time dependent:


  • Go on a shape hunt around your room – what different shapes can you find?
  • Investigate height – what can you find around your house that is taller than you?  What is shorter than you?  Can you find anything that is taller than your grown up?
  • Play I spy – what can you find in your house that begins with t?
  • Play the description game.  Ask your grown up to choose an object – they have to give you clues about this object – can you guess what it is?
  • Go on a walk – how many numbers can you see whilst walking around?  What can you see that starts with the sound g?
  • You can also access any further home learning ideas through the new app – 50 things to do before you are 5 -
  • Go on a ‘scavenger’ hunt around your house/garden – can you find something purple?  Can you find something that begins with the sound s? – can you find the number 2?  What other colours. Letters and numbers can you find?
  • Lots of games and activities from the RSPB
  • PE ideas to support your active challenge -