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our approach to learning

We use a quality core text from which we plan the majority of our learning. In addition to our planned activities, the children have Busy Learning periods every day where they can guide their own learning and access independent challenges which are linked to our main text and learning objectives. The whole of our continuous provision environment is utilised in this planning, both indoors and out. 


We promote the use of literacy and maths skills throughout our continuous provision to ensure that the children are using what they have been taught previously.  Through applying their skills, the children then understand what they are learning and why. This application and transfer of skills supports the children in creating deeper understanding and supports the development of their basic skills to enable them to become valuable members of society.


The children also take control of their extended learning through weekly 'Learning Walks'.  These take place to ensure that the children are purposeful in their busy learning and  we develop thinking skills using the approach of ;sustained shared thinking'.  Adults and peers support each child to develop their thinking and creating an ethos of challenge and perseverance.  These learning walks are displayed in the classroom to ensure that all partners in learning are aware of ideas and they can be discussed throughout the week.


We have regular 'Learning Talks' to ensure that the ideas have been worked on and to create further adaptations to thinking and new problems and challenges are discussed.


We have a floor book in our environment where the learning and challenges are saved, along with pupil voice and characteristics of learning are shared.


Our aim is to develop purposeful learners who think outside the box, challenge themselves and persevere, listening and sharing ideas throughout.