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                          Our new Science unit is… 

Here is some of the vocabulary which we will use this unit. You could play games with these words to make sure you learn them, e.g. use them in a Pictionary style game. 


Lesson 1: To label the parts of a flower 


Starter: Before we begin our new unit, let's think about what we already know. Use this K, W, L grid to help you record your current knowledge, and the things that you would like to find out about plants. 


Main: Let's start this unit by really getting to know the plants around us. You could go on a walk around Manea and see how many different plants you can see. Think about the different flowers, trees, bushes etc. What do they all have in common?


Choose a plant (perhaps in your back garden) and create an observational drawing of it. Remember we did this in art not too long ago. Apply all of the different skills we learnt then e.g. consisder the texure and tone to create a 3d effect. 


Can you now label your diagram with some of today's key vocabulary?

Lesson 2: To label the parts of a flower and know their functions. 


Starter: Consider the question below and discuss your views:

What would it be like to live in a world without plants?

Would we survive? Can you think of a reason why it would be good to live in a world with no plants? What would be the negative aspects of living in a world without plants?


Main: Yesterday, we labelled the parts of a plant- but today let's think about the function of each of these plants. Watch the video/ slides to explore these: 

Task: Create your own snap cards to help you learn the function of each part of the plant- you could use the ones I have attached as a guide.