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Literacy Challenges

      This week's Literacy is all about... 




We know some of you will really enjoy this unit as you have already chosen to write your own stories at home! 


Challenge one: Cold task- Write a story! It can be about absolutely anything: a ghost story, a romance story or even a story about a giant onion! It's up to you!


If you're stuck for an idea... use this photo as inspiration: 



Challenge two: LO: Explore vocabulary (and use a thesaurus) 

Have a look at the picture below as a story setting. Can you create your own tree house picture using natural materials from the garden e.g. sticks and leaves? 

2a) Once you have created your picture- label it with lots of adjectives. 

2b) Use a thesaurus to improve some of your adjectives (there are online sites you can use for this- but speak to your parents first) 



Challenge three: LO: To describe a setting using personfication, similes and metaphors. 

We have looked at personification, similes and metaphors quite a lot over the last few weeks so you should now be experts!


Watch the video below- stopping at 0.59. Look at the setting. Can you write a personification sentence, a simile and a metaphor to describe it? 


Now look at your tree house from yesterday and write your own setting description. 

CGI 3D Animated Short "Embarked" - by Mikel Mugica, Adele Hawkins and Soo Kyung Kang | TheCGBros

Challenge four: LO: To retell a story from the perspective of a character. 

Re-watch the video from yesterday (you can watch it the whole way through now) 


Take on the role of the tree house and retell the story. How can you show your emotion instead of telling it? The video below may help.  

Show, Don't Tell