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W/c 7/9/2020

Week commencing 7/9/2020

What a great start to year 4! This week, we have worked hard to learn all of the new routines and have settled really quickly into our new classroom. 


Our week has been centered around the text 'Here we are' by Oliver Jeffers:

Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers

We have completed lots of work around this text. We have thought a lot about our special places in the world, and talked about who we are most grateful for. 

We looked at this page in the text: 


and spent some time discussing our own similarities and differences. We then drew some fabulous self-portraits and used them to celebrate all of our unique qualities. 

We also listened to the song "Wonderful word" by Louis Armstrong and used this to write our own lyrics to celebrate the world we live in. 

Louis Armstrong - What a wonderful world ( 1967 )

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