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Thursday 7th May

A message from our key worker children

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Hello Beech Class!


Well done for another super week of home learning! It’s so lovely to see all of your hard work being emailed over. I am so proud of all of your hard work. I can’t wait for us all to be back at school together and for you to all be able to share your new skills with one another! I wanted to share with you a super recipe from one of our brilliant Beech Class Chefs!

Foundation and Maths


8th May is a special day, it is the 75th Anniversary of VE day. On this day the whole country will be celebrating. I have added two videos for you to watch about VE day. The first is from an online History teacher, it gives you lots of information about VE day. The second video shows you some old footage and photographs from the time around VE day.

VE Day 75th Anniversary Video Lesson Key Stage 1

This is a video lesson to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day for children in Key Stage 1. It focuses on the concepts of evidence and similarity and differen...

V E Day in London - 1945

V E Day began with Mr Churchill's broadcast officially announcing the end of war in Europe. Londoners took to the streets in celebrations which continued for...

When the Second World War finished people celebrated with street parties. They prepared food and joined with their neighbours to have a party. At the moment we can’t have a party with our neighbours in quite the same way, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE day. We are so lucky to have brilliant technology and even though you can’t have a street party with family, friend and neighbours, you could have your own with your family in your home and video call people who are special to you so that they can join in with your celebrations.


This week I’d like you to celebrate! You could use your creative skills to make Union flag bunting, you could make a medal to celebrate the soldiers who served in World War Two or you could design some party table wear.


To develop your measuring skills, it would be great for you to plan and prepare some foods for your very own VE day party. You could bake cakes or bread, you could make sandwiches and weigh out the ingredients for your filling. Check out Mrs Kyne’s cooking page for some inspiration!


In Year 2 we need to learn to read scales, like those on measuring jugs and weighing scales with dials. We also need to know which unit of measure and which tools to use for different jobs. Have a look at this video to remind yourself. This week I would like you to focus on weighing and reading scales on things such as measuring jugs.

Math for Kids: Measurement, "How Do You Measure Up" - Fun & Learning Game for Children

Why do we need to measure? Learn about the different methods and units of measurement. Lesson includes practical exercises. Recommended for all grades. Kids ...

If you and your family decide not to do some cooking or baking this week, you could use some jugs and water to explore capacity- maybe even in the bath or outside if the sun is shining! You could have a look at the document below and work out how much is in each jug, you don’t need to print this off, you could look at it on your screen and zoom into each jug.

Keeping fit and healthy


You may have already seen Mr Tull’s challenge of getting a tea bag into a cup with your foot. Have you had a go? I wonder if you could create your own trick-shot challenge?

One of your friends has found a fantastic science and building challenge being run by the National History Museum and LEGO. It looks like great fun and will be a great way for you to think about what you know about animals and their habitats. Let me how you get on!



Your reading and handwriting tasks this week have been inspired by one of our friends from Beech Class. This week, I’d like you to read a book with speech marks in. Remember, these are the little marks that go around the words that someone says. As you are reading, I would like you to choose at least five spoken sentences to copy into your beige handwriting books.


Have a look at this little extract, can you pick out the parts that are being said?

This week, we are going to be using a clip of part of the story ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ written by Enid Blyton to inspire our writing. Some of you may have read this book before. This clip is called ‘The Land of Toys’ and I would like you to watch the clip and write the story of this clip. You will need to think about how you are going to describe the setting and the characters. You might even challenge yourself to add in some speech! You could start off by storyboarding the clip and then use this as reminder of the story to help you to re-write the story.


I’d also like you to think of some questions that you could ask the characters. You can write these in your green writing book or in your beige handwriting book.

Enchanted Lands: The Magic of the Faraway Tree - The Land of Toys (1997)

In the center of the Enchanted Wood is the Faraway Tree, home to many wonderful and exciting characters. Most remarkable of all is the top of the Faraway Tre...

Well done for all of your hard work. Keep working hard and being your fantastic selves!


Miss Pritchard