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Tuesday 7th January 2020




On Tuesday 7th January 2020 at 9:10 am a discovery was made by Mr Robinson (property manager) that it appeared that an unidentified creature had been on the school site during the night or maybe the early hours of the morning. The school in question is Manea Community Primary School set in the village of Manea on the outskirts of Chatteris and March in Cambridgeshire.


The news was passed to the Head Teacher Miss Froggatt who was taking the whole school assembly at the time. She explained that it was worrying news as the creature may still be out there and all the children had come to school today to carry out their forest school sessions. Once Mr Robinson had confirmed that the creature was no longer on the site and it was safe for the children to go outside Miss Froggatt and Mrs Stevens (Deputy Headteacher) agreed to change the days plans and ask the amazing children to help identify the creature that had made a visit to the school.


The children were keen to become investigators for the day. They were split into groups with a mixture of all ages in each group. Once outside they found enormous footprints the creature had left in the field, a huge nest with some very interesting things in it, a gigantic pile of poo, again with some interesting contents and lots of other clues in the woods.


One child told me it ‘must be a really big creature as the poo was so big’. Another that ‘I think it has to be an ostrich as they have nests and would do big poos’. There were many ideas shared in the groups and when shared with Miss Froggatt she identified what she thought must be the creature from the clues. She said ‘it must be a TIGANTABIRD’. As I had never heard of such a creature she showed me a drawing which combined the features of a tiger with a bird and with Santa. Interesting. The children were then given the task to go back to class and explain what they had identified it must be.


Maybe we will never know!