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Wednesday 24th

Please bring paper and a pen, and your mnemonic on the planets, to the videocall today.

Lockdown Day 31 (Wednesday)



LO: Interpret pie charts


Watch warm up input and complete mini task.


We are now going to move on from Line graphs and take on pie charts!


You know the drill: watch the video, pause and do the questions she sets, and then do the worksheet afterwards




.LO: Understand the planets of the solar system


It’s research time. Over the next two days I would like you to research the various planets in the solar system and display it in some way.


The best option would be a PowerPoint, with a slide for each planet.


However you could of course do a fact file on good old paper if you don’t have access to PowerPoint software




I want you to skim the text and find the words that are listed at the bottom of the  sheet.


Then I want you to read the sheet properly, underlining any words you don’t understand then looking up what they mean.


Then I want you to write down 5 questions that you think could be asked about that text.




Understand degrees of risk

Using the document, you’ll need to go to page 7 and complete activities 3.1 and 3.2



Use the examples in italics to decide how risky they would be.



On P.17 are some risky situations. Complete the various activities listed under 3.2 on p.7.


The Rest


Pick 10 words from the year 5/6 national curriculum word list. Practise them each day and then test yourself next week!- 15-20 minutes of reading a day

- Live Joe Wicks session on YouTube in the morning

- TT Rockstars


SPaG Activitiy

Complete Page 1 and 2 of the activity document.


Mrs Wordsmith- committed

Have a look through the attached PowerPoint. Much like in class, see if you can work out the missing words and then practise using the word in sentences. Maybe try using it in a sentence with a semi-colon or in a De:de sentence.

Furthermore, see if you can use it in this week’s writing tasks!