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Please find attached your spellings for this week. The words will be tested on Wednesday 30th September. 

This week, we have been talking a lot about punctuation and we seem to be missing out our full stops and capital letters a lot! 


Medium Challenge: Using the picture below write a sentence about Perseus or the Gorgon sisters. Remember to use a capital letter and full stop. 


Spicy Challenge: Using the picture below, write dialogue between Perseus and the Gorgon sisters. Really concentrate on putting your punctuation in the right place. 



Hot Challenge: Include each of the following punctuation marks: ! " , ? . ' and at least one conjunction!




This week we have been learning about addition. For your homework, we would like you to practice what you have learnt. 


Medium Challenge: Practise adding numbers within 30 e.g. 15 + 6. Using practical resources to help you at home e.g. counting pieces of pasta. 


Spicy Challenge: Complete problems involving adding two different four digit numbers. Use your preferred method. You could solve problems like the ones below (from classroomsecrets).