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Our learning walk this week was about Percy the Park Keeper

What a busy learning walk using the information that we have found out from the story 'After the Storm'.  We had to think of different ways to help Percy and the animals

In other learning...........

This week we are finding out about a new story called 'The bumpy ride'.  It is about an amazing invention that Percy creates.  We will be finding out about inventions that we could make to help Percy in the park and also writing captions about them using our sound and keyword knowledge.  In maths we are investigating shapes, learning songs and taking part in many activities to develop our shape knowledge.  We are also continuing with our balance bike learning, developing our skills and talents!  In our circle time this week we are investigating similarities and differences, making sure that we value each other.  We are also investigating google earth - finding features of our village and school that we recognise.  What a busy week!  Please see the home link document above which has more information for you to support consolidation of learning and if you have any questions, please email

We found a lawnmower like Percy's........

We think Percy has been helping Mr Robinson with all the work!  We then set out to see if we could find any more clues that Percy may have left.........

Some of the clues we found and our discussions were:

There was a broom in the trailer - this was to sweep the leaves in the park!

Tracks to show were the lawnmower has been

A tape measure - so that Percy could measure the trees to make sure they were not too tall

A shed - this is must be Percy's shed as I can see tools!

Scratches on a tree - I think a squirrel has run up the tree to get an acorn!

The lawnmower is needed because we haven't got any sheep!

What a fabulous Percy investigation!

Our next challenge was to create our own invention to help Percy.  We thought very hard about what we could do and wanted to create a machine that would paint the shed, plant the vegetables, fix everything, fly and help look after the animals.  Look at what we created..... and see our fabulous writing to inform the tasks it will complete!


Look at our wonderful creations during our busy learning challenges