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Our 'Working Together' week......

We have been discussing how we need to work together well to complete our challenges in our busy learning.  We then decided what would help us work together well and listening came up as a good start point!  We are going to work very hard this week listening to our friends and then working together well.  See some of the different ways we worked together well in the photographs below.


In other news.....

We have been continuing with our Bear focus work and setting our own challenges in ways that we can help Baby Bear.  We have been exploring the different buttons that the bear's have in their sewing box and also carrying out our own texture investigations.  We have also been creating our own fairy tale exploration areas to retell the stories and create our own.  We have also been continuing with our rhyming focus and solving different problems related to this, including odd one out.

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Investigating Texture

Baby Bear has found lots of different things during his walk with Mummy and Daddy Bear.  He has challenged us to investigate and discuss the texture!

We came up with some wonderful words and comments.  Some of the 'treasure' was bumpy, sticky, prickly, smooth, soft and squishy.  We also talked about how we thought it felt like other things that we knew about such as 'it is as prickly as corn' 'it is as soft as my teddy'.  What wonderful discussions!