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Wednesday 10th February



Literacy - 45 minutes
Class Story - 15 minutes
Guided Reading - 30 minutes
Maths - Starter - 15 minutes
Maths Main - 45 minutes
Mrs Wordsmith - 15 minutes
Spellings - 15 minutes
PE - 45 minutes
Music - 45 minutes



Please also remember to complete your reading for 20 minutes a day. Once you have finished your reading book, complete an AR test using the useful links page (tree icon).

Also, please complete 10 minutes of consolidating your times tables and division facts by using TTRockstars. The link for this is also on the useful link page (tree icon).


L.O. I am learning to edit my work so far.

Today I would like you to go back through all the pieces of writing you have done for your story over the past couple of weeks. You will need to ensure they are as detailed and technically accurate as they can be before we 'publish' them at the end of the week. Use the attached writing checklist to help you.


Literacy - Narrative checklist

Class Story

In school an adult will read to you for approximately 15 minutes a day. We have chosen to read to you Harry Potter, a well known children's story, with Bloomsbury's permission.


Wednesday Class Story

Guided Reading

L.O. To answer comprehension questions based on a text.

Read the extract attached (from the bottom of page 10 to the top of page 13) and complete the comprehension questions below. The answers have been attached.


  1. List three features of Novak’s appearance.
  2. Why did Novak get through security so easily?
  3. How did Novak lose her job?
  4. Why did Novak take the job offered to her without question?
  5. What is rakija?

Maths- Starter

Last week we did some work on squared and cubed numbers. Please spend 15 minutes going through the attached worksheet. If you need a recap, click on the attached link for explanations. 

Maths - Main

L.O. I can use rounding to check answers to calculations.

Watch the video attached, explaining the worksheet you have been asked to complete today. 


Maths - Rounding worksheet

Mrs Wordsmith

Today I would like you to write five sentences, each including one of the following Mrs Wordsmith words:





Below are your new spellings for this week. Copy down your group's words and start to learn them. 


Group One 

advice, device, practice, licence, prophecy, advise, devise, practise, license, prophesy, ascent, assent, cereal, serial


Group Two

appliance, reliance, compliance, defiance, variance, assurance, endurance, insurance, appearance, clearance, forbearance, hesitance, dominance, tolerance


Group Three

load, oak, boat, coat, foam, goat, loaf, toast, float, coach


Watch and follow along to the Cosmic Kids yoga video (link attached) If you enjoy it, try a second.


L.O. To recognise and practise a rising pitch sequence.

Find attached the link to your final Music session of the topic. Follow the Music activities included.