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Duration: One hour


Learning Objective: To learn about fire prevention and fire safety. To know what to do in an emergency. 


Starter: What can fire do? List as many ideas as you can. 

Fire Safety

Super Smart Fire Safety Rules for Kids

Fire Safety: What Every Child Should Know

Please read through the following sentences. You should decide whether they are true or false and give reasons for each one. The answers are underneath. See how many you get right. 


1. You should only use matches or lighters with adult supervision. 


2. Only leave lit candles for a short amount of time. 


3. Fire brigades advise that a house has at least one smoke alarm per floor. 


4. Smoke and heat stay low to the ground. 


5. If your clothes catch fire, remember to 'Stop, Drop and Roll'. 


6. If there is a fire extinguisher nearby, you should try to put out a fire yourself. 


7. If you can't get out of the house in a fire, go into a room, shut the door and put blankets or towels at the bottom of the door. 


8. Candles should be lit near an open window to aid ventilation. 





1. False. Children should never use lighters or matches. 


2. False. Lit candles should never be left unattended. 


3. True. 


4. False. Smoke and heat rise, so staying low to the ground will help you see more clearly and breathe more easily.


5. True. Dropping to the floor and rolling around will help to put the fire out. 


6. False. Get as far away as possible from the fire as possible and let the firefighters put out the fire. 


7. True. This will stop smoke from getting into the room. If there is a sink in the room, wet the towels or blankets. 


8. False. A gust of wind could blow the curtains towards the flame of the candle and they could catch fire. 

CHALLENGE: Can you think of your own true or false statements?