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Monday 25th


Duration: 15 minutes


Please practise your spellings. Write them out using 'Look, Cover, Write, Check'. If you can spell them, try writing sentences using the words. It is really important with this particular list that you practise using the words in sentences as I am sure a lot of the words are quite easy for you. The most important thing is you know how to use singular and plural form correctly, as well as with apostrophes. 


Duration: One hour


Learning Objective: To describe your two main characters' personality and appearance. 


Last week you created your setting for your own magical world. This week, you will be writing the story in full. But before you do this, you need to decide on your characters and plan out what they are like. In your world you will have two main characters. The first main character will be the person who discovers your magic world. The second main character will be someone or something your character meets when they arrive. For example, Lucy is the main character in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and the second main character is the faun - this is the first creature she meets when she arrives in Narnia. 


Start thinking about your two characters while you watch the following video. Please do not complete the task on the video - simply watch it to gain ideas. 

Character Description For Kids // Learning From Home

Now you have watched the video, you should have an idea on how to plan out your descriptions. 



Draw your two main characters. Colour them in. 

Write adjectives around the characters. Think about the video you have just watched and how they did this. 

Now, write a paragraph for each character describing what they look like. 




Duration: 20 minutes

LO: Read for pleasure 

Warm up: Inference: Read this text and answer the inference question

Main: Read a fiction book of your choice. As you read, consider the images you get in your head. Draw a picture of the main character and the setting.

   Challenge: Label your picture using evidence from the text.


Duration: 15 minutes




A surprise attack made by people or animals lying hidden in wait. 

 A lion lay in ambush waiting for the gazelle to approach. 


The soldiers stood ready to ambush the enemy as soon as he appeared. 


He sensed an ambush long before it appeared. 


It is often easier to ambush an enemy in a forest or jungle rather than a desert. 


The children giggled as they waited for their mother to appear so they could ambush her and pelt her with snowballs. 


Duration: One hour


Learning Objective: To be able to add two and three digit numbers using the column method. 


Please watch the video and then have a go at the attached worksheet. The answers are underneath for you. 

Double-Digit Addition for Kids

Now mark your work. If you got any wrong, can you see why? 
Now mark your work. If you got any wrong, can you see why? 


Duration: One hour


Still image for this video

Watch the video above.


Think about the questions you are asked and write down your answer. Then retell the story using the resources below.


Duration: 10 minutes

Active 8 Minute Workout for kids

This is another great 8 minute workout, suitable for all ages.8 exercises | 35 seconds work | 25 seconds restRun on the spotRunning punchesFront kicksCrab ki...


Duration: 10 minutes