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2nd June



Can you order the numbers below?

Can you order them in more than one way?



Watch the video below about turns.

Whole, Half & Quarter Turns

In this video, students will learn how to make whole, half and quarter turns in clockwise and anti - clockwise directions.

One way of practising your tuns is to use the four points of the compass. You could make signs labelled North, East, South and West. Have an adult set them out correctly either in your garden or in a room in your house. Ask them to give you directions using the language of quarter and half  turns. Think back to one of the last P.E sessions we had. 


Think about the following questions:

If we start by facing ________ and make a _______ turn, what direction will we be facing?

If we face ________ and turn to face _______, what turn have we made? If we face north and make a quarter turn clockwise, which direction will we be facing? What if we turn anti-clockwise?


Now think about the following:


If I am facing south what do I need to do to face east? Is there more than one way of giving me this instruction?