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Monday 22/2/2021

Assembly 22.2.21


Duration: 15 minutes


‘ch’ making a ‘k’ sound

These words all contain the letters ‘ch’ making a ‘k’ sound.  There are not many words like this.  They do not follow simple rules and just need to be learned. Please practise these at home. 


Duration: One hour


Why do people choose to live in Manea? - This is your topic for the week. 


Learning Objective: To recognise the features of an introduction and write your own. 

Informational Writing for Kids - Writing an Introduction

Read the following three examples of introductions. Can you identify a 'hook' or the interesting fact in each? 




Task - You are now going to write your own introduction for your information text on 'Why do people choose to live in Manea?'


Here is a little information I've found out. Can you find something different? 


Manea was once a hamlet in the parish of Coveney, and in the seventeenth century was one of the sites where Charles I planned to build a new town, to be called Charlemont. The village's parish church is dedicated to St Nicholas and was built in 1875 to replace an earlier building dating from 1791. The village's brass band, the Manea Silver Band, was formed in 1882; it meets at Manea Methodist Chapel.


Now you have a go at writing your own introduction. Write it in draft first. Remember your 'hook'.


Duration: 20 minutes


Warm-up: For our warm- up today, I would like you to practise the skills of skimming and scanning. 


How quickly can you read our key text (How we digest food), and find the following words? Time how long it takes you to find all five. 


Tongue,       Windpipe,       Toxins,      chime,      nutrients


Main: To Comprehend a text. 


Re-read the text, 'How we digest food'. Make sure you have understood it fully and know the order of the events. 


Task: Create a storyboard or comic strip to show the events in the explanation text. You can do this by folding  a piece of paper into eight. 


Duration: 15 minutes



Moving by turning over and over. 


"I saw you rolling your eyes at me," the teacher snapped. 


We run our timetable on a rolling programme. 


The rolling hills stretched far into the distance. 


When I was young, I was always threatened with the rolling pin! 


We went rolling down the hill, laughing with glee. 


Let's keep the cameras rolling, no matter what happens. 


Can you have a go at writing your own examples?



Duration: One hour





Learning Objective: To practise rounding to the nearest ten, hundred and thousand. 


Hopefully, this should be revision for you. You have practised this recently. Complete the sheet and then mark your answers. 

Music- The Oak Academy 


Understanding pulse and rhythm

In this lesson, we are going to find the pulse and explore rhythm.

Click Here


Duration: 10 minutes

5 Minute Move Featuring Francesca